System Implementation Plan

Under the Australian Education Act 2013 and the accompanying regulations, Approved System Authorities are required to prepare a system implementation plan, taking effect from January 2014.

The Act requires that system implementation plans set out the activities, programs and initiatives to be undertaken by or on behalf of systems, that will achieve the objects of the Act, and achieve positive outcomes for school education. In addition, the plans need to be reviewed annually to map progression towards stated aims.

Activities, Programs and Initiatives

In broad terms, the activities, programs and initiatives chosen by systems need to include reference to the five reform directions which are contained within the Act:

  • Quality Teaching
  • Quality Learning
  • Empowered School Leadership
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Meeting Student Need

The System Implementation Plan for the Victorian Ecumenical System of Schools Ltd forms the basis of many of the System’s activities at system and school level for six years from January 2014. Progress is assessed annually and the plan reviewed and updated accordingly.

Please click here to download the VESS System Implementation Plan third year review – end 2016.