Support for Member Schools

Learning and Teaching

  • Professional development and collaboration opportunities for teachers and faculty heads to promote quality teaching and quality learning;
  • Opportunities for collegiality and networking within a relatively small group;
  • System-wide student and staff forums, encouraging the building of relationships between member schools and facilitating the open sharing of ideas and values.

School Leadership

  • Opportunities for school leaders to undertake professional learning in the areas of school leadership, governance, risk and financial viability;
  • Guidance to ensure compliance requirements for Australian and Victorian funding are met;
  • Opportunities for sharing of expertise and best practice.

Compliance and Reporting

  • Opportunities to share management practices at system meetings;
  • Effective communication with both the Australian and Victorian Governments to ensure appropriate system recognition and funding for member schools;
  • Transparent and democratic decision making processes;
  • Funding distribution and accountability requirements.


  • Engagement of professional, educational and financial expertise from both within and outside the System to assist member schools;
  • Providing support for new member schools and schools seeking membership;
  • Investigation of potential group buying opportunities;
  • Assistance with strategic planning of individual schools;
  • Recruitment and professional advancement of senior staff;
  • Ability to present a collective voice in the political arena when necessary and appropriate.