Membership Types

Full Membership

A Member of VESS must be a school, which, by joining the System, elects to have its government funding flow through the System. Each member’s Principal serves as a Director on the VESS Board, while each school’s Business Manager belongs to the VESS Finance Committee. Each of these bodies meets at least four times a year, for business and professional learning.

Associate Membership

Associate Members may be either schools or organisations that seek to promote the aims and objectives of the System, but are not ready or are ineligible for full membership status. They are able to benefit from the collegial activities and shared learning opportunities offered by the System.

An Associate Member may be:

  • A school which is interested in becoming a full member of VESS, and wishes to gain experience in VESS professional circles prior to possible application for full membership;
  • A school wishing to share the professional and collegial life of VESS, but for which (by determination of the school or the VESS Board) full membership is not appropriate;
  • An organisation, other than a school, wishing to be involved with or support VESS.

Associate Members may not vote on company matters or be party to the distribution of funds.

All Members

ALL Members are entitled to:

  • Have a representative attend Directors’ professional learning sessions;
  • Have a representative attend Business Managers’ professional learning sessions;
  • Have representatives attend the Annual General Meeting;
  • Involve its Board Chair (or equivalent leader) in VESS forums for School Board Chairs;
  • Draw upon the support of VESS Executive Staff;
  • Share the protection offered by VESS’s corporate strength.

For more information regarding VESS membership, please contact the System’s Executive General Manager, Mr Stephen Higgs OAM.