Membership Criteria

All member schools and all schools applying for full membership of VESS are required to:

  • Respect Christian traditions;
  • Be co-educational;
  • Be financially viable, as evidenced by financial statements and enrolment figures, and any other reasonable measure deemed appropriate as applicable;
  • Have appropriate governance structures and procedures in place, with clear guidelines for the day-to-day operation of the school;
  • Agree that the school’s Principal will become a Director of the System’s Board;
  • Have appropriate contractual arrangements for the Principal in place;
  • Foster inclusiveness and diversity;
  • Agree to uphold all aims and objectives of the System; and
  • Commit to contribute positively to the System’s activities.

The Board of Directors retains its right to approve membership applications on the basis of value which applicants would bring to the System, as well as the value which the System might bring to the applicant.

For more information regarding VESS membership, please contact the System’s Executive General Manager, Mr Stephen Higgs OAM.