The Victorian Ecumenical System of Schools Ltd (VESS), was formed as an Association in 1996 with four foundation schools, and became a System in 2000. VESS now comprises 17 independent coeducational schools at which over 16,500 local students are enrolled. The members of VESS are diverse, located in outer metropolitan areas and regional centres across Victoria, and each with distinctive characteristics and values.

The schools that make up VESS are drawn together by their commitment to respect one another’s uniqueness, and their common goal to continuously improve their educational offerings for the benefit of their students and communities.

In their diversity, VESS members embrace their differences in profile, strategic direction, pedagogy and faith, while encouraging valuable collaboration between schools, resulting in a vibrant, open-minded, educational community.

Through its activities, VESS seeks to actively improve equity, facilitate access, and nurture excellence in the educational experiences and outcomes for students at its member schools. This is achieved partly through the provision of exceptional professional learning programs that build the capacity of educators and leaders.

VESS also supports member schools in executing their financial, operational and compliance obligations. The System collects and distributes government funding for all schools, adding value in the process, and offering financial security.

For all of the close co-operation which is nurtured in VESS, members retain their independence. VESS itself is governed by its members: its Board of Directors consists of the Principals of all member schools.

For a full list of member schools, please click here to be taken to our members’ page. Please feel free to browse our website for more information or alternatively you can contact us directly.